Trip to Anaheim no homecoming for Maddon

Trip to Anaheim no homecoming for Maddon

OAKLAND -- Before becoming the Rays' manager in 2006, Joe Maddon spent 31 years in the Angels' organization, most of his last 10 seasons as the Major League bench coach.

Unfortunately for Maddon, who has a home in Long Beach, Calif., there have been no happy homecomings when the Rays have played in Anaheim. He's 1-13 against the Angels at Angels Stadium, where the Rays are set to open a three-game series Monday.

"I stink there," Maddon said before Sunday's 4-0 loss in the series finale against the A's. "I do. They've beat us badly there for several years. I've got to get my stuff together."

Maddon has been able to keep his sense of humor about his struggles against the team that signed him to a Minor League contract in 1975 and gave him his start in coaching.

Maddon said the Angels have had so much success against him in Anaheim that they must have his office bugged.

"They might have some form of covert operation," Maddon joked. "We're going to have to sweep for bugs there."

Maddon said he understands why the Rays struggled against the Angels in 2006 and '07.

"In '06 and '07 we weren't very good," he said.

After that?

"They just outplayed us," he said. "We have not pitched on a consistent basis. In the beginning, '06, I used to get kicked out all the time. I've reined that in. We've just been outplayed there."