Rays braving the cold road

Rays braving the cold road

SEATTLE -- In the Rays' first 11 road games -- at Baltimore, Boston, Chicago and now Seattle -- the average game-time temperature has been 49 degrees, ranging from a low in Boston and Chicago of 39 to a high of 66 in Baltimore.

Rays players have gotten used to dealing with the cold, which can be particularly tough on players like Carl Crawford who like to run a lot.

Crawford talked about his approach when the team is playing in cold weather.

"I just come early and run -- get used to the weather outside," Crawford said. "[I] try to stay warm any way I can -- get in the hot water. They've got heaters around here."

Crawford said that once he gets loose, he stays loose.

"Once I feel loose, I stay nice and loose, I'm not stiff," Crawford said. "I mean, you get cold when you're standing out there. But you've got the guys [on the Rays' staff] pitching pretty good, and we're not standing out there too long. Fortunately for us, we haven't had any real long innings in the cold yet."