Rule reinterpreted: Maddon can wear hoodie

Rule reinterpreted: Maddon can wear hoodie

CHICAGO -- The hoodie is back.

In talking to Major League Baseball officials, Joe Maddon was told he is allowed to continue wearing his beloved hooded sweatshirts on the bench, so the Rays manager was all smiles Tuesday.

"Hoodie-gate is over," Maddon said. "I received a call today that cooler heads have prevailed. I'm now able to wear the hoodie any time I want."

Maddon began chirping to reporters Friday about a Major League Baseball mandate that prevented him from wearing his trademark dark blue Rays hoodie. Major League Baseball's ban instructed all coaches to wear official team jackets or Majestic brand tops.

"There was a misinterpretation originally," Maddon said. "Now it's been reinterpreted. I'm just happy to say on behalf of all the hoodie wearers everywhere that MLB is back in line with that subculture that I really truly can identify with."