Yanks, Rays discuss the Trop

Yanks, Rays discuss the Trop

BALTIMORE -- In Sunday's finale against the Yankees, Evan Longoria got a base hit that ricocheted off the catwalk, much to the consternation of the Yankees, who teed off on Tropicana Field afterward. Among the more noteworthy comments came from Yankees catcher Jorge Posade, who quipped, "nice stadium."

"There's not much we can say," Posada said. "Whatever they're going to call, whatever they saw. It's not a baseball stadium. You can't have balls going all over the place. Really. That's sad."

Rays manager Joe Maddon smiled when asked about the Yankees' comments.

"Tell them we're trying to get a new yard ourselves," Maddon said. "If they want to contribute in any way, we'll take it. We're all for a new ballpark, tell them, we're not trying to hide that.

"Listen, we'll take all kinds of donations. Any Major League team that wants to contribute to the new ballpark, we'll be happy to accept."

Derek Jeter and Posada both live in Tampa. Jeter is building a mammoth house on Davis Island, which Maddon can see while making his daily bicycle ride along Bayshore Boulevard.

"Heck, we could just build it on Jeter's property," Maddon said.