Sonnanstine settling in nicely in Rays' 'pen

Sonnanstine settling in nicely in Rays' 'pen

BALTIMORE -- Andy Sonnanstine has now made two relief appearances this spring after losing out to Wade Davis in his bid to claim the fifth spot in the starting rotation.

Both of his appearances have been two-plus innings, with his most recent outing coming Sunday against the Yankees when he finished the game, going two innings and allowing only a solo homer to Nick Swisher.

In observing the adjustment period for Sonnanstine from starter to reliever, Maddon said the quicker the 27-year-old right-hander manages to get loose will determine a lot in regard to how he is used.

"That would be the thing that gets him into more juicy moments," Maddon said, "knowing that I can get him up and get him in quicker, as opposed to having to warm him up like a starter.

"As we move this thing along, I have a lot of faith in him against certain hitters. I don't care if they hit third or fourth in the lineup. He's done some good work against some really good hitters in the middle. We'll see how this goes along. [Lance] Cormier and he have some similar qualities, so it might be a situation where we can bounce them both back and forth to not get them overworked."