Following Guyer's lead, Longo pens guest blog

Following Guyer's lead, Longo pens guest blog

ST. PETERSBURG -- Former Rays outfielder Gabe Kapler writes a lifestyle and fitness blog, and he occasionally uses guest bloggers.

Current Rays outfielder Brandon Guyer penned a guest blog earlier in the season, and now Evan Longoria has joined the party.

"He had asked me a month ago if I would write something for his blog," Longoria said. "And I asked him what he wanted me to write. He said, 'Whatever you want. If you want to write about food. If you want to write about sports. If you want to write about fantasy football, anything.'"

Longoria opted to write one titled, "The Changing Face of Youth Baseball," a subject to which he has give a lot of thought lately.

Longoria and Kapler became friends when Kapler played for the Rays in 2009 and 2010.

"He's a really smart guy," Longoria said. "I think anybody who has ever been around him -- he brings a very interesting element to the clubhouse. He's a father, a foodie, a great baseball player, he's been a manager. He's done a ton of different things during his career. We've remained friends."

Kapler is well above average where fitness is concerned. Longoria smiled when asked if "Kap" was the fittest guy he had ever been around in a clubhouse.

"Yeah, and probably works at it the hardest, too," Longoria said. "I think you have to enjoy that kind of thing, and he does. Working out, whatever it is, he takes his two boys with him, he enjoys eating well. He used to bring his own stuff to the field. He's an incredible guy, man."

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