Rays invite Seminole to The Trop

ST. PETERSBURG -- After losing 12 of 13 and looking to find answers, the Rays brought in some outside help to remedy the situation.

Bobby Henry, a Seminole Indian living in Tampa, Fla., was at Tropicana Field prior to Monday afternoon's game hoping to chase away any spirits that might be affecting the Rays' fortunes.

According to a 2012 story in the Seminole Tribune, Henry's business card "reads 'Rainmaker' and lets you know how to reach him if you need a canoe, a totem pole or a chickee hut built."

After touring the facility Monday, Henry offered his assessment of Tropicana Field.

"[The field is] not so bad when I walk around," Henry said. "We might [get the job done] the first [day] or second. ... It's not real bad. We just have to open up and let it out."

Tropicana Field just needs a little tweaking, according to Henry.

"We just have to believe in the Seminole way," Henry said. "The herbs and stuff. That's what I do. I was raised in the Everglades, gator area. Something like this, [with a] big roof like that, is something new for me."

At this point, Rays manager Joe Maddon is happy to get help for his team any way he can, so he embraced Henry.

"Wonderful man," Maddon said. "Really eager, bright eyes. Just had him walk around. I guess this guy made it rain in Tampa in the mid-'80s at some point. So he's got some supernatural powers. ... If it rains at the Trop, I'd be really impressed."

Because he is a Tampa resident, Henry wants to see the Rays do well, so he wants to get the team back on track. Though Henry expected to see immediate results, he allowed that he normally needs eight days to make a change.

"Let's see what happens," Henry said. "I told Joe that I'll come back and check it."

Bill Chastain is a reporter for MLB.com. David Adler is an associate reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.