Maddon views replay as evolving process

Maddon views replay as evolving process

DUNEDIN, Fla. -- Joe Maddon is still sizing up instant replay. Friday marked the first game the Rays had played with the new process, and the club's manager indicated a belief that much was yet to unfold.

"I think the what-ifs are almost limitless," Maddon said before the game. "And that's the part people don't even understand. When you open Pandora's Box, it's not as cut and dried as you think."

Maddon noted that regardless of how instant replay was designed to be implemented, he saw it as "a fluid and living organism that can be changed at any moment" and that will be up for interpretation.

"I know there's going to be some definites written down, but there's still going to be some gray that's going to pop up that's not been thought about or interpreted differently at the moment," Maddon said. "So it's not about gaming anything. It's about doing it for the first time and trying to not leave anything up to discretion."

Maddon stressed that he wanted to make sure the Rays do all they could to prevent the interpretation of an instant replay from costing them a game.

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