Davis to make Rays debut Sunday

Davis to make Rays debut Sunday

ST. PETERSBURG -- The Rays have announced that top pitching prospect Wade Davis will join the team Thursday and will make his first Major League start on Sunday against the Tigers.

"It's very exciting to get him up here for this weekend, I'm eager to see him pitch here, obviously he's going to be a big part of our future," Maddon said. "He's had a nice season in the Minor Leagues. I believe he's got good stuff, good makeup. And again, I'm real eager to see Davis."

Davis, who was 10-8 with a 3.40 in 28 starts for Triple-A Durham, will be taking the slot in the rotation that had been Scott Kazmir's before the left-hander got traded to the Angels on Friday.

Maddon believes Rays fans will like Davis' look on the mound.

"He's very physical, I think he's got a good glare about him," Maddon said. "He's an all-business kind of guy. Really good stuff, fastball's going to be up in the mid-90s. And he's going to show you a really good hook and a changeup.

"I think he's the kind of guy you're going to see [who] is very competitive. He just demonstrates that by his appearance. I think the fans will be able to pick that up very quickly just by watching that the first time out."

Maddon said it's likely that Andy Sonnanstine, who started for the Rays on Tuesday, will now start one of the games in the Rays' doubleheader against the Yankees on Monday.

"Yesterday was the big one to try and match up," Maddon said. "Andy's had some success against Boston in the near past -- if that makes sense, and the fact that he has a little bit more of a veteran presence in handling a moment like yesterday.

"He's pitched well at Yankee Stadium and the new Yankee Stadium, so it was good to get him lined up yesterday against Boston and versus the Yankees, and of course having Wade make his debut against Detroit in kind of a tweener game for him."

Maddon said there is a good chance Davis will be in the Rays' rotation at the start of next season.

Bill Chastain is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.