Moore, Archer available in bullpen for Game 4

Moore, Archer available in bullpen for Game 4

ST. PETERSBURG -- Rays manager Joe Maddon said Monday that Game 4 starter Jeremy Hellickson would be on a short leash considering his struggles this season and the must-win nature of the game. The good news for Maddon is he'll have a few extra arms at his disposal.

Left-hander Matt Moore, who started Game 1, will be available out of the bullpen Tuesday night against the Red Sox. Right-hander Chris Archer could also be used to pitch in relief, as he's only thrown 1 1/3 innings this series. In addition, Maddon felt his regular relievers are well-rested enough to be called upon Tuesday night.

"I think it's fine," Maddon said. "I think their work level to this point has not been severe. All these guys have been relatively good. Some of these guys, quite frankly, do better work when they pitch more often. Some of them, they're high-quality guys. For me, when a relief pitcher struggles, it's more emotional than physical. When a relief pitcher comes in the game, there's a lot of emotion going on, and they have to cope with that constantly. I think for the most part, our guys are in pretty good shape physically and emotionally right now."

Ideally, however, Maddon wouldn't have to use Moore or Archer. He said he wouldn't throw either starter into the middle of an inning, and he's continued to express his belief that Hellickson will pitch well. In addition, Maddon would prefer to have his experienced relievers pitch like they normally do. Even lefty Jake McGee, who threw 28 pitches Monday night, should be available Tuesday.

"You have additions, like Matt Moore is an addition to the bullpen tonight. You're not going to see him coming in trying to get out of a jam in an inning. It's got to be somebody else," Maddon said. "[Moore is] going to have to start an inning. If the game goes farther in the night -- hopefully not, hopefully [the Rays] do it in nine innings -- but you have more ability if the game gets longer."

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