Maddon weighs in on Dempster incident

Maddon weighs in on Dempster incident

BALTIMORE -- Manager Joe Maddon is on Joe Girardi's side in regard to the New York skipper's response after Boston's Ryan Dempster plunked Alex Rodriguez on Sunday night.

"I thought he handled everything well," Maddon said.

As for Dempster?

"Vigilante justice and unilateral decisions, I'm not into that stuff," Maddon said. "That is totally separate from the unwritten rules of baseball. I did not agree with that at all. Again, I don't believe in rogue, unilateral decisions or players handing out discipline."

Maddon was reminded how the White Sox elected to bean Delmon Young after he was promoted to the Major Leagues in the aftermath of some unfortunate comments he made in a USA Today story.

"I thought the same thing when the White Sox thought it was important that they discipline Delmon," Maddon said.

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