Myers, Longoria shrug off comparisons

Myers, Longoria shrug off comparisons

ST. PETERSBURG -- Thursday's 7-1 win for the Rays presented a number of standout performances, but Wil Myers and Evan Longoria shined on the offensive side, combining for six RBIs.

Myers and Longoria are often compared because of their sparkling batting statistics and similar batting stances, but both agree the similarities end there.

"Mentally, although we're very similar in that we're both winners and we don't want to get out, we definitely go about our business in a different way," Longoria said. "I don't see what he does and I don't feel like I need to because his work ethic has been great since he came up. It's not my position to question what he does. It's working. All I hope is that continues and we continue to win.

"Whatever similarities anyone on the outside want to draw, that's fine but there are definitely more differences than there are similarities."

"We have different playing styles," Myers added. "We play different positions. We have similar stances, but we also have very different swings to the ball."

Rays manager Joe Maddon does not like to compare the two either.

"Both equally wonderful to be around, but just different guys," he said. "It's just set up more than it is batting styles. Their actual approach is entirely different for me. Wil is more choppy and Longo is more lengthy on the finish."

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