Zobrist reacts to Porcello suspension

Zobrist reacts to Porcello suspension

HOUSTON -- Major League Baseball on Tuesday announced a six-game suspension for Detroit pitcher Rick Porcello, who hit Rays second baseman Ben Zobrist in Sunday's game.

"Obviously the league felt that more action needed to be taken than was taken during the game; that's their decision," Zobrist said.

"I was surprised," he added. "I really didn't expect anything to happen after that day. I thought something might happen that day. After reviewing it, I assumed that they must have felt that some action needed to be taken."

Zobrist said he would rather not be in the spotlight for the incident.

"These situations do not make you feel real good," he said. "But in hindsight, obviously it's good to know that the league is taking action on certain things like that, that are safety issues.

"I thought [the hit] was intentional, and obviously the league deemed that as well. They dolled out the penalty."

Glenn Sattell is a contributor to MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.