Established at plate, Scott might expand role

Established at plate, Scott might expand role

ST. PETERSBURG -- Since returning from the disabled list, Luke Scott has been hitting the ball like he once did with the Orioles before arriving to the Rays via free agency. However, he has been used as the DH and not in the field, which leads to speculation about what might happen the next time the team plays an Interleague contest in a National League ballpark. Could he be used in the field?

Scott was asked whether he was ready to play the field.

"Definitely, I'm getting even better as the days are going along," said Scott, who had right-shoulder surgery during the 2011 season. "Before it would be that I'd have a good day, then a day I'm sore, another good day, and a day I'm sore. Then it was two good days and a day I'm sore. Now it's three and four, five good days and a day I'm sore."

While some Rays fans might remember Scott when he played outfield for the Orioles, others have only recent memories of him solely as a DH.

"I played great defense my whole career," Scott said. "I made a bunch of diving plays early in my career. I ran into the wall a couple of times. I went after home run balls. I played really, really aggressive. But my body bounced back, and it healed."

The Rays' next Interleague contest at a National League park will be May 29-30 in Miami against the Marlins. Rays manager Joe Maddon said using Scott in the field would be a possibility in that series, given the way he had been looking with the bat.

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