Yunel's 'chrome' something Maddon embraces

Yunel's 'chrome' something Maddon embraces

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Yunel Escobar has been a good citizen all spring, opening eyes at Rays camp with his talent and work ethic.

Joe Maddon uses the word "chrome" to describe a player being flashy, which can be perceived as a negative at times since the Rays manager has complimented a player in the past by saying he has "no chrome." However, while Maddon thinks Escobar has some chrome, he doesn't feel it's necessarily a bad thing.

"He's always going to have a certain amount of chrome to his game, but I don't want that to go away, either," Maddon said. "That's who he is. It's almost like that's his thumbprint or his signature. That's how he plays. That's who he is. So we have to fit that in within the way we do things. I don't want him to stop being that guy.

"... When you're the steward of somebody's professional career in a sense, be careful with the kind of advice you want to give, because everybody's different, man. And you got to adjust to everybody. And I'm really a big believer in that."

Maddon also allowed how nice it is for the Rays to have an everyday shortstop going into the season.

"That thought came to my head yesterday," Maddon said. "It's very exciting when you get a guy that's out there that you know is that. He is a shortstop and he can play every day. And his mind and his body permit him to do that every day, and he's not going to break down. And he's going to make all the plays. And it's nice. It's a great comforting factor to have out there."

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