Ramos reflects on 'unbelievable' Classic

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Cesar Ramos returned to camp on Monday after a stint pitching for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic, which afforded him a front-row seat to the brawl that took place in the ninth inning of Canada's 10-3 win over Mexico.

The fight began after Canada's Rene Tosoni was hit in the back by a pitch thrown by Mexico's Arnold Leon. Both benches emptied and the action got heated.

"It was pretty scary," Ramos said. "My parents were in the stands, and they were pretty scared just for the players. There were some pretty serious punches being thrown and landed. But luckily everybody was pretty safe after and no one was seriously hurt."

Ramos had already pitched in the game and was working out in the clubhouse when the fracas began.

"I tried to put my uniform on, but it was already in the wash," Ramos said. "I didn't want to be the guy staying inside watching on TV. At least help out my teammates, try to calm things down. By the time I got out there, things had cooled down a little bit."

Mexico was eliminated, which allowed Ramos to return to the West Coast of Florida on Sunday night, all the richer for the experience of playing in the Classic.

"The atmosphere was unbelievable," Ramos said. "The Mexican following was unbelievable. When we were playing the U.S., we were playing on American soil at [Chase Field, home of the D-backs], and there were probably 40,000 [people] there for Mexico. It was cool. It was loud -- all the noisemakers -- and felt like a winter ball game."

Ramos pitched Tuesday in an exhibition game against the D-backs and he made one appearance in the tournament. The left-hander, who looks to be a lock for this year's bullpen, said he got in the work he needed to do while away from the Rays.

"Yeah, it was pretty much the same schedule I would have had here," Ramos said.

Bill Chastain is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.