Jennings unconcerned about mild ankle sprain

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Desmond Jennings took a what's-all-the-fuss-about stance as he stood at his locker Sunday morning and discussed his left ankle.

Jennings rolled his ankle in the third inning of Saturday's Rays-Phillies contest in Clearwater and left the game with what the Rays called a mild sprain.

"I rounded second and wasn't looking at the bag, was looking at the outfielder and the runner trying to see what my next move was going to be," Jennings said. "Just hit the inside of the bag wrong. Rolled over my ankle, no big deal."

Jennings conceded that rolling an ankle is always a scary experience, but added, "It wasn't that bad."

Jennings, 26, is projected to be the Rays' starting center fielder this season after serving as the team's left fielder in 2012.

Jennings said if the injury had occurred during the regular season he would not have left the game.

The question of whether X-rays were taken of Jennings' ankle brought laughter.

"No need for that," he said.

Jennings, who wasn't scheduled to play on Sunday anyway, said he would continue to perform his regular workouts and that he does not expect to be slowed in the least.

"Everything's normal, normal day today," Jennings said.

Manager Joe Maddon said that he would like to keep Jennings going since he's been playing well this spring.

"I'd rather get him back out sooner than later," Maddon said.

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