Scott expected back Monday, Fuld late next week

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Luke Scott is out with a tight left hamstring while Sam Fuld is out with a tight right hamstring.

Both players experienced the tightness while playing Sunday during a contest at Charlotte Sports Park that took place in nasty weather. Scott is expected to be back in the lineup on Monday when the Rays host the Twins.

Scott said he felt good on Friday, and told reporters that running the bases was one of the final tests facing him.

"I'll be good," Scott said.

And, as for playing early next week, Scott replied: "That's safe to say."

Meanwhile, Fuld is expected to be back in the latter part of next week.

"I'm feeling better," Fuld said. "I'm not overly concerned. Other than the hamstring issue I had last year, I don't have any other experience with this kind of injury. But I do know that it's not as severe as the one I had last year and I was able to come back in about 10 days."

Fuld pointed out that the circumstances are different since his current injury occurred during Spring Training.

"I can be a little more cautious given the timing," Fuld said. "Last year I didn't come back at full strength, but I was able to still come back. This time around I have to make sure. I need my legs, so I need to make sure it's fully healed before I go back out there.

"… There's a little bit of discomfort yet. It's really frustrating, but I understand. The timing, if you're going to get hurt, this is the time to do it and not in April."

Fuld feels fortunate that he only experienced tightness in his hamstring, rather than a pulled hamstring, which is far more severe and can have a lengthy recovery time.

"It could be worse," Fuld said. "I have to remind myself of that, because it's frustrating and I'm sick of being in this spot. But it could definitely be worse."

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