Since name change, Rays among game's best

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- In five years since becoming the Rays in 2008, Tampa Bay owns the third-best record in the Major Leagues behind the Yankees and Phillies.

Also during this span, the Rays have won five major Baseball Writers' Association of America awards, more than any other team. David Price (2012 AL Cy Young Award), Joe Maddon ('08, '11 AL Manager of the Year Awards), Evan Longoria ('08 AL Rookie of the Year Award) and Jeremy Hellickson ('11 AL Rookie of the Year Award).

Twelve different Rays players have made the All-Star team.

Only 15 different starting pitchers have been used, five fewer than any other Major League club and the fewest by an AL club over a five-year span since the 1980-84 Orioles.