Molina taking things in stride

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- Jose Molina is slated to play for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic, which means he'll be leaving the Rays at some point during the spring. Since the Rays have a lot of new arms in camp, Molina was asked if felt any pressure about not having the time to catch all of the team's pitchers so he can grow familiar with them.

"I don't have pressure," Molina said. "I'm good. You catch them and you learn. I need to catch them and talk to them one time to know what they like to do. It's an easy process. I don't put pressure on myself like that."

When asked if any of the new arms had caught his eye, Molina said now is not the time to really form any opinions -- since the pitchers are building up stamina and throwing mostly fastballs.

"Ask me that question again later in the spring," Molina said.