Maddon tips hat to Orioles' run of success

Maddon tips hat to Orioles' run of success

BOSTON -- Manager Joe Maddon was asked Tuesday about the credit managers receive for wins in one-run games and whether it can be overblown. Although the question was posed with no direct reference to the Orioles, he took the opportunity to applaud the team with the Majors' best record in one-run games entering the day, 27-9.

"I think there are times that you like what the Orioles are doing right now," Maddon said. "They just got this vibe going on. They believe they're going to get it done sometimes in those moments, and they are, because there's a belief about it."

The Rays are 20-26 in one-run games, something Maddon attributed more to the offense than pitching.

"There's definitely a randomness about [clutch performance]. The randomness comes down to belief or not," Maddon said. "If you believe that you can do something, you will. If you believe you cannot, you will. They believe they can right now, and what's most dangerous about them [is] that they believe that they can -- and that's outstanding. They've earned the right.

"The reason why we're in the position we're in right now is because we've been unable to win a lot of really close games we've pitched so well," Maddon said. "We've just been able to come up with that point somehow. That's been the only real frustrating part of the season, is that."