Maddon: Shelton not to blame for struggling offense

Maddon: Shelton not to blame for struggling offense

ST. PETERSBURG -- The Rays' offense has struggled this season, so naturally everybody looks for somebody to blame, and hitting coach Derek Shelton has taken the brunt of the finger pointing from fans and the media.

However, manager Joe Maddon doesn't believe Shelton is at fault for the team's struggling offense.

"I don't believe [the offense] is a reflection [of Shelton], I really don't," Maddon said. "I know what he does, I know how he does it. You watch the games being played, and the thing about coaches, it's about how diligent you are and the time you put in -- that you care. You can only give a player so much information.

"I believe when guys are successful consistently, a coach might be able to tweak you a little bit here or there and remind you about something, but what goes on internally is what really controls your success. And so, it's hard to pin that on a coach, and I really believe that."

When Maddon was asked if he expected Shelton back next season, Maddon replied: "We're talking."

"I mean, I'm not going there right now," Maddon said. "We'll be talking to all of our coaches at the end of the season."