Rays rank high among all sports franchises

Rays rank high among all sports franchises

ST. PETERSBURG -- ESPN the Magazine published its 10th annual "Ultimate Standings" on Friday, ranking the 122 Major League Baseball, NFL, NBA and NHL franchises.

Clubs were ranked across eight different categories based on fan feedback and the Rays finished No. 1 overall in "Affordability," No. 5 in "Coaching," and No. 8 in "Bang for the Buck."

This is the sixth straight year the Rays have ranked among the top three in "Affordability."

Only the San Antonio Spurs, New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and Boston Celtics are ranked higher in "Coaching."

Overall, the Rays ranked 16th of the 122 franchises and fourth among MLB teams, the third time in four years they've cracked the Top 20.

Last week, Businessweek named the Rays "The Smartest Spenders in Sports."