Rays put Davis' catch on wall of fame

Rays put Davis' catch on wall of fame

SEATTLE -- You could say the Rays were impressed with Rajai Davis' catch on Sunday.

The Blue Jays left fielder literally climbed the left-field wall in Toronto to rob the Yankees' Casey McGehee of a two-run homer.

"That was tight," said Desmond Jennings, the Rays left-fielder.

Evan Longoria first commented on Toronto's left-field wall.

"That's a high wall," Longoria said. "You stand out there next to that one. It's not conducive to robbing home runs. It's a high wall, and he's not the tallest guy, either. That's an amazing catch."

Rays outfielder Sam Fuld said simply, "I'm not good at that."

"I'm more likely to run into a wall than scale it," Fuld said. "That's an amazing play. I'm jealous of guys who can do that."

B.J. Upton added: "That should be right up there for play of the year, man. That's a high wall and to go up there like he did."