Zobrist looks comfortable in return to shortstop

Zobrist looks comfortable in return to shortstop

Zobrist looks comfortable in return to shortstop
MINNEAPOLIS -- Prior to Friday's game with the Twins, manager Joe Maddon indicated that newly-inserted shortstop Ben Zobrist was a good fit to play the position when the Rays had fly-ball pitchers on the mound like Matt Moore or Jeremy Hellickson, but Zobrist was slated to start at shortstop again with David Price on the mound Saturday at Target Field.

Zobrist has looked comfortable in his first two starts at shortstop since 2009, which could be why Maddon continues to roll with Zobrist at short.

"It's been a while. I am just trying to make every play that comes near me. You do your best to feel comfortable," Zobrist said.

Zobrist said it has taken some adjusting being back at shortstop, but he is feeling more comfortable with every passing inning and is starting to remember what it used to be like.

"The ball comes off a little different with the angles and things like that. When the ball is hit, you just react. We've all fielded enough ground balls that you just react and make the play, set your feet and make a good throw."

Maddon said that if he is able to put Zobrist at shortstop, it gives the Rays a better chance to score more runs.

"It gives us our best offensive lineup, no question," Maddon said. "If we don't do that, I don't feel good about the offense."

Maddon decided to go with Zobrist at shortstop again Saturday, but he also decided to go with the exact same starting lineup as in Friday's game with the Twins, which saw the Rays score 12 runs on 13 hits.