Price hopes Shields still around after Trade Deadline

Price hopes Shields still around after Trade Deadline

ANAHEIM -- David Price teased with reporters that James Shields' bags were packed prior to Sunday's game against the Angels. The obvious inference was that the Rays right-hander had been traded.

Not so fast.

In reality, Sunday was getaway day for the Rays, so Shields' bags were packed, as were those of his teammates.

Easy smiles aside, Price said he would "definitely" be happy once the non-waiver Trade Deadline has passed Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET because he doesn't want to see his close friend get traded, but he added: "I don't know how that works, but I know teams make trades after the Deadline." Then, a player would first have to clear waivers.

Shields has been the Rays player whose name comes up most often in trade speculation. Shields said that he too is "definitely looking forward to Tuesday" -- but not because of the Deadline.

"Because I get to pitch," he said with a smile. Shields is scheduled to start Tuesday night's game against the Athletics in Oakland.

Joe Maddon has a feeling about the approaching Deadline.

"My feeling normally is this -- and I've almost always been right -- is that we're not going to do anything," the Rays manager said. "That's my normal thing. We talk a lot. It always takes two to dance and at the end of the day, it's difficult to match up all the time. So I would bet nothing really happens."