Mohawk fever spreading among Rays

Mohawk fever spreading among Rays

ST. PETERSBURG -- The Ed Hardy designer T-shirts came first, now Mohawk haircuts are becoming the rage in the Rays' clubhouse.

First it was B.J. Upton, then Edwin Jackson, Evan Longoria and others followed. Now even manager Joe Maddon is on board.

"It's outrageous; I like it," said Longoria about Maddon's Mohawk. "He's been with it all along."

Maddon said he decided on Monday to get the style du jour after the Rays' 13-5 loss to the Red Sox.

"We just knocked it off last night," said Maddon, noting he was "part of the group -- a unity kind of thing."

Maddon said none of the players were part of the ritual on Monday.

"But I noticed Fernando [Perez] walked in with one today," Maddon said. "Because I think he was there last night when I had mine done."

Maddon fielded some shots about his Mohawk being a "weak" version, to which he feigned indignation.

The barber "dug in -- that's as good as it gets," Maddon said. "I told him to go all the way. I didn't hold back. I promise."

Perez has one of the better Mohawks, prompting one reporter to compliment him. Perez then noted: "I think we have a lot of Mohawk virgins around here, this is my fourth."

But it's far from "all in" when it comes to the new 'do.

Cliff Floyd and James Shields both claimed to be Mohawk-challenged. Floyd has a shaved head and said, "It's not growing back in 20 days." While Shields has curly hair, which he said is ill-suited for said hirsute matters.

At the very least, the new fashion has spurred conversation in the clubhouse, such as the following exchange between veteran relievers Dan Wheeler and Trever Miller when asked if they would get a Mohawk.

"No, I don't think it will look good, and my wife would kill me," Wheeler said.

Trever, would you?

"If I was the last one, sure," said Miller.

"I'm not sure it would grow back if I did it," Wheeler said.

Miller and Wheeler laughed.

"Maybe [hair's] like grass, and it grows back thicker after you cut it," Miller said.

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