Molina's mentoring of Lobaton going well

Molina's mentoring of Lobaton going well

Molina's mentoring of Lobaton going well
CLEVELAND -- A lot was made prior to the start of the season about the influence that Jose Molina could possibly have on Jose Lobaton by mentoring his younger catching counterpart this season.

"I think it's been going good," Molina said. "I mean it was kind of sad to see him getting hurt early. But he's been picking it up the last probably three weeks, the last month. He [started] feeling a lot better. When you play more often, you're going to feel a lot better catching and calling games, hitting, everything. And I think that's the way he's been to this point."

Molina said Lobaton is a good student.

"He's great," Molina said. "He knows when he needs to close his mouth and listen -- and that's all you want as a teacher, guys who listen and then put it into practice. I'll be on the bench and sometimes he just comes up to me and asks me some stuff, good or bad.

"And if I see something, I will come up to him and let him know. But he knows the game, too. But little things I can help, I'll be right there by his side."

Lobaton is appreciative of the attention he's received from Molina.

"I think I've been learning," Lobaton said. "Sometimes we talk, but sometimes I see him play. Like I saw him throwing a guy out in Philadelphia, the way he threw the ball, it was quick. Everything was like boom, boom, boom. ... I told him I see those little things that make me want to work the next day. I'm like, 'He can do that, he's older than me, I can work, too.'"