'Calm' mechanics the difference for Zobrist

'Calm' mechanics the difference for Zobrist

'Calm' mechanics the difference for Zobrist
ST. PETERSBURG -- Ben Zobrist saw his eight-game hitting streak come to an end during Monday night's 4-3 Rays win over the Yankees.

Nevertheless, he is still on a tear.

Since June 7, Zobrist is hitting .385 (30-for-78) with 12 extra-base hits, 15 walks, and 13 RBIs in 22 games. During that span, he has enjoyed 11 multihit games and has raised his average 53 points. It's a stark contrast from the last time the Rays faced the Yankees in New York (from June 5-7), when Zobrist could be seen working diligently prior to each game, trying to find his mechanics.

"It feels very consistent since then; it's a lot more calm [at bat]," Zobrist said. "For me, it's just consistency. No longer am I going, 'Well, what should I try today? What should I work on?'"

Zobrist now finds himself in a different situation -- he's trying to perpetuate a hot streak rather than searching to find the right feel at the plate.

"Once you feel like your swing is where it needs to be, then it's more about what the other pitcher wants to do," Zobrist said. "I've been able to focus a lot more on what the pitcher might do to me.

"So you can just think about the ball and what the ball might do. I've been fortunate the last month, since I feel like I've gotten my mechanics where they need to be. All of a sudden, you can have an actual approach without feeling like every time you swing the bat, something is breaking down."

Zobrist won't deny the obvious, that swinging the bat well is a lot better than not.

"I've enjoyed it -- yeah, of course," Zobrist said. "You always enjoy success, I think. But at the same time, over the course of that time, we haven't played that well as a team. It's hard to enjoy it when you're not playing well as a team.

"I guess the biggest thing is you enjoy when you play well, and it helps the team win, because that's what we're really trying to do. If you play well and the team loses, you're kind of like, 'I'm glad I did well, but in the end, it didn't really work out for the team.' What you want is for everybody to be clicking on all cylinders so in the end, you win the game. And it's been tough to do that lately."