Rays get back to American League business

Rays get back to American League business

Rays get back to American League business
KANSAS CITY -- The Rays wrapped up Interleague Play on Sunday in Philadelphia, finishing 9-9 against National League opponents.

So is manager Joe Maddon happy to get back to playing by American League rules?

"Yeah, but it's not nearly as much fun," Maddon said.

"I really do like the National League rules," Maddon continued. "As a manager, you definitely have to be ready, just like everybody else, every day, every moment. And then when you're shorthanded, it makes it even more difficult. And then when you start your bullpen, it's like working an All-Star Game. From the beginning, you've got to think of all the different things you've got to do. So it's an interesting game. But it is, it's nice to get back to our normal template, but the National League game is a fun game."

Maddon said it isn't a totally foreign concept, given the alterations he makes on the field during games under AL rules.

"We do some of that stuff on our own whenever we take the DH out of here and put him on the field. So we get a taste of that on our own volition," the skipper said. "The National League game is a very interesting game. It's an entirely different game than our game."

The Rays entered Monday's action with the best record in baseball against the American League at 31-23.