After feeling tightness, Longo in holding pattern

After feeling tightness, Longo in holding pattern

PHILADELPHIA -- Evan Longoria is at a standstill in regard to his return from a partially torn left hamstring.

Longoria felt some tightness Monday night while playing for Triple-A Durham. He joined the team in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday then returned home to the Tampa area on Wednesday.

"I think it's one of those things where we're not doing too much activity," said Rays executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Freidman. "It certainly doesn't feel like it did when he hurt it initially. But beyond that, we don't really know. We'll probably keep him down for a few more days and then start some progressions and see how he feels. But it will probably be a week to a week and a half until we have a really good feel."

Friedman further clarified his remarks by saying that Longoria continues to receive treatment for the injury, but he is not taking part in baseball activities.

"Probably when we [return from the road trip], we'll have a decent feel [about where Longoria stands]," Friedman said.