Maddon, Rays all right with all white

Maddon, Rays all right with all white

NEW YORK -- Rays players showed up to Yankee Stadium on getaway day Thursday wearing all white for the "all-white" theme trip to Miami.

This is the Rays' 21st such themed road trip engineered by manager Joe Maddon since 2008 and the fourth all-white trip to Miami. The first all-white trip took place in 2009.

Maddon was asked if many of the traveling party were already equipped enough to make this trip without having to purchase new clothes. He smiled, noting that he didn't have to buy anything new.

"For the new guys, I think it's nearly impossible [to not have to buy anything new]," Maddon said. "For the guys who have been around, they're more able to do that."

While some players might be perceived as candidates for struggling with the fashion, Maddon said he didn't think anybody had had a hard time dealing with it.

"You just have to let it go and accept it," Maddon said. "Some guys maybe fight it a little bit. Just accept it. Accept all white, and just go with it."