Rays bring 'Gladiator' to Tropicana Field

Rays bring 'Gladiator' to Tropicana Field

Rays bring 'Gladiator' to Tropicana Field
ST. PETERSBURG -- During Monday night's game, TV cameras scanned the Rays' bench and zeroed in on Joel Peralta and Fernando Rodney decked out in the headgear from the movie, "Gladiator".

Turns out, Carlos Pena and Luke Scott were the owners of the helmets. Both are "Gladiator" aficionados, so the movie has been discussed from time to time in the clubhouse. Eventually that led to a decision in Toronto.

Pena told Scott, "Hey man, it would be cool to get one of those masks. They're nasty."

Scott's response: "I think I can find them."

Scott and Pena went online to pursue the object of their desire.

"He found them, and I bought them," Pena said. "They got here yesterday."

Upon seeing the helmets, Rodney approached Scott.

"He said, 'Hey, I've got to take this out to the bullpen,'" Scott said. "I said, 'Go right ahead.'"

Scott described how the pair looked with a simple, "menacing."

Pena smiled when asked about seeing Peralta and Rodney wearing the helmets.

"I'm like, 'Oh my goodness,'" Pena said. "I thought it was funny. I thought it was good. And that's the way this clubhouse is. We try to keep it loose in here. And we're not afraid to be ourselves.

"So I thought it was great when we walked out there. Because those are pretty legit replicas of the movie "Gladiator" wardrobe. So it was nice. I thought it was cool."

Now, Scott and Pena each have a helmet on display inside their lockers. Scott noted that the helmets personified the mood in the Rays' clubhouse.

"This is a great place to be," Scott said. "Things like that make this place special. It's really cool, you can have fun here."