Fuld to sit in on Sunday's game broadcast

Fuld to sit in on Sunday's game broadcast

Fuld to sit in on Sunday's game broadcast
ST. PETERSBURG -- Outfielder Sam Fuld will be joining Rays broadcasters Dewayne Staats and Brian Anderson in the booth for the finale of Tampa Bay's Interleague series with Atlanta. Fuld will primarily provide sabermetric analysis throughout the game.

"There won't be much dead air, I'm a little worried about getting a few words in," Fuld joked. "I think there's a few of the bigger stats that have become big in the game that we're just going to go over, over the course of the game."

Among his favorite "new" stats are ones that measure defensive effectiveness -- including ultimate zone rating, which aims to quantify how many runs a player saves with his defense.

"I think that's the one part of the game that [people] can probably make some more advancements on," Fuld said about being able to quantify defensive ability.

He also joked he might be underdressed for the broadcast because he doesn't own a jacket.

"I might actually have to go to the mall after the game [on Saturday] and get a sports coat," Fuld said.

Fuld is currently on the 60-day disabled list with a right wrist injury. He said the wrist feels "good" and that it is "coming along." He added he will be traveling to Cleveland on Tuesday for a follow-up appointment. The range of motion is mostly back and it's a matter of strengthening it. Fuld has not appeared in a game this season, but played in 105 games in 2011 -- hitting .240 with 27 RBIs and 20 stolen bases.