Farnsworth impressed by Rodney

Farnsworth impressed by Rodney

ST. PETERSBURG -- Kyle Farnsworth will be on the 60-day disabled list until at least June, but that hasn't stopped last year's Rays closer from observing the good work performed by this year's closer, Fernando Rodney.

"He's doing well," Farnsworth said. "He definitely has the stuff to do it, and he's been there before, so it's good for those guys to come in and step [up]. Hopefully when I come back we can keep this going."

Rodney likes to wear his hat with the brim turned slightly to the left. Farnsworth smiled when asked if he would employ such a practice upon his return to the team.

"No, plain and simple, plain Jane," Farnsworth said. "I've been there before so I'll just keep on going [the same way]."

Farnsworth said he won't be hung up on being the team's closer when he returns.

"We're all in it to win the World Series, so whatever Joe has me do," Farnsworth said. "I've said that since Day 1. Wherever he has me pitch, that's where I'm going to go and I'll go out and do the best I can."