Rays' Davis is getting acclimated

Rays' Davis is getting acclimated

ARLINGTON -- Rays right-hander Wade Davis is making the most of his move to the bullpen. On Friday night, he had his finest moment as a reliever when he got three outs during a crucial eighth-inning threat by the Rangers.

Davis, who has been a starter until this season, said he is getting more comfortable as a reliever.

"Not 100 percent, yet," Davis said. "I've been able to be relaxed when I get out there. In between times, the mental and physical prep is something I'm going to have to get used to. As far as getting into the games and being relaxed, that's been a pretty easy adjustment."

Davis has received a lot of advice during his transition, and he noted that the best tip he's received has been to stay positive.

"Always stay positive," Davis said. "I'm sure you're going to go out there one day and things aren't going to go right. Just have to keep staying positive, because you have so many opportunities to go out there and rebound and get better. So, every day, it's staying positive."