Maddon offers tips for fans at The Trop

Maddon offers tips for fans at The Trop

Maddon offers tips for fans at The Trop
ST. PETERSBURG -- In the aftermath of Sunday's fan interference by Matt Geiger, which wasn't called fan interference on the retired NBA center, Rays manager Joe Maddon was asked about the play on Tuesday.

"When the ball's like that near the edges, permit our players to try and make that catch," Maddon said. "If a fan reaches over onto the field, then of course there can be fan interference, and you're out. But if you're reaching into the stands, clear out. Give our guys a little bit of a chance to make the play. It could be the difference between us winning and losing a game."

Maddon was asked for some fan etiquette tips for Rays fans while at Tropicana Field.

"If it's going to favor us in any way, like if we're hitting the foul ball and there guy comes into the stands, go ahead and maul him," said Maddon, tongue in cheek. "If it's our guy going into the stands, leave our guy alone."

Geiger, who sat near the front row on the first-base side, tried to catch a ball that could have been hauled in by Rays first baseman Carlos Pena.

Geiger told 620-AM he was trying to get a ball for his 4-year-old son, noting that he lost track of where he was. Because the ball was not deemed in the field of play, he was not ejected from the ballpark.

"Once they got out of the inning, I felt a lot better," Geiger told 620-AM.

Maddon noted that Geiger, who stands 7-foot, was "huge."

"I'm sure he'll never do that again," Maddon said. "Box him out."