Scott dismisses negative reaction from Sox fans

Scott dismisses negative reaction from Sox fans

Scott dismisses negative reaction from Sox fans
BOSTON -- Luke Scott never shies away from stating his opinion, and several of his opinions have apparently rankled Red Sox fans. Based on that fact, the Rays' designated hitter was asked if he looked forward to the reception he would receive from the Boston faithful.

Scott smiled at the question.

"I believe the Boston fans will come out and support their team as they have for many, many years," Scott said. "I don't play for the Red Sox. I play for the Rays. That's what I'm excited about. I'm excited about my team.

"[Red Sox fans] are passionate. They're passionate about their team. They're one of the teams that have one of the largest fan bases. They come out and support their team, through thick and thin. And the Cubs' fans are similar."

Scott then noted that he considered St. Louis fans to be the best in baseball.

"They're the classiest group of fans that you can find on earth," Scott said. "They cheer for their home team. They really support their home team. But you know what? The visiting team comes in, they're respectful to them. Guys make a good play. They appreciate baseball."

Scott said in no way did he dread playing at Fenway Park.

"I look forward to playing in a Major League baseball game," Scott said. "I'm not worried about fans. I'm concerned about who I'm facing on the mound. How I'm going to have to hit what they're throwing. The only thing that concerns me about Boston is that they have a very good team. They have a very good pitching staff. They're not an easy team to have success against. You have to really come prepared and be ready to do a good job, because they're a tough team, a very good team."