Shields familiar with Masters winner's game

Shields familiar with Masters winner's game

DETROIT -- James Shields likes to play golf, which has led to opportunities for the Rays All-Star right-hander to play with PGA Tour professionals in different events.

Count Bubba Watson among those Shields has played with in the past. So Shields was pleased that Watson won this year's Masters on Sunday.

"He's a real good guy, man," Shields said. "He's wanted [to win The Masters] for a long time. I read something, or he tweeted something, that when he got home, he checked his suitcase four times just to make sure his jacket was still there."

Shields said he played with Watson in a charity event in Arizona sponsored by Northern Trust Bank. Shields can drive the ball a long way, but he said watching Watson hit a golf ball was totally different than what he's used to seeing.

"It's amazing when you play with those guys the way they shoot," said Shields somewhat in awe.

A reporter pointed out to Shields that Watson might encounter similar awe if he played catch with Shields or hit against him.

"Yeah, I would imagine if he stepped in the box, he'd be feeling the same way," Shields said with a smile.