Maddon weighs in on managing in September

Maddon weighs in on managing in September

ST. PETERSBURG -- A lot of players wearing uniform numbers above No. 60 are seen annually this time of year after teams expand their rosters on Sept. 1.

Given the bonus amount of players available to a team, games can be played differently in September, which prompts the question of whether or not there should be some limits. After all, teams have played all summer with a 25-man roster in place, then come September, managers have the luxury of having players for use in many different situations.

When asked if there should be a limit on September callups, or the number of players who can be active each night, Rays manager Joe Maddon smiled.

"There are so many different ways to look at it," Maddon said. "I do think it should be restricted a little bit more. Maybe bring up as many as you want, but only so many qualify on a nightly basis -- or on a game-by-game basis. At some point the matchups do increase. And if you're a team that's really not involved in any type of playoff situation, you can do anything you possibly want."

Planning for games becomes more complicated for managers due to the increased number of players to prepare for in the event they might play in the game.

"It can be confusing a little bit," Maddon said. "You try to eliminate things before the game begins. Or try to really figure out what the other team is willing to do. Sometimes they're not even willing to try certain things. You don't know the manager enough or you haven't played them under these circumstances -- there are so many variables. But I do spend more time looking at it. No question, I do."