Scenarios abound if Rays end up in WC tie

Scenarios abound if Rays end up in WC tie

Scenarios abound if Rays end up in WC tie
NEW YORK -- Now that the American League Wild Card race is a three-team pursuit, it's worth looking at the possibilities that would be available if the Red Sox, Rays and Angels all finished in a three-way tie or if the Rays finished in a two-team tie.

Under league policy for said scenarios, the Rays would be in the driver's seat based on their combined record against the Angels and Red Sox.

Thus, at the end of the final day of the season Wednesday, if the Rays finish in a tie with either the Angels or the Red Sox, the Rays would host a one-game playoff on Thursday.

Should all three teams finish in a tie, here are the scenarios for which the Rays can pick their fate:

Under scenario A, the Rays could choose to play two games at home. Of course, that would be under the condition they were not eliminated in the first game. For example, if they played the Angels in the first game at Tropicana Field and won, they would then play the Red Sox at Tropicana Field.

Scenario B would be to play the first game on the road and if they won, they would play the other team at Tropicana Field.

And finally, there's Scenario C, in which the Rays would play the winner of an Angels-Red Sox playoff game, but they would have to play that game on the road.

So it appears the Rays' obvious choice would be Scenario C. Even if they would have to play on the road, they would only have to win one game.

"I've heard the three-team thing, that's very interesting," Rays manager Joe Maddon said. "I'm not worried about them. I'm not concerned about them. I'm not going to think about them. It doesn't matter. It's just a matter of getting there, and you've got to do everything you possibly can to get there. You don't save anything. You don't look to tomorrow. Just win baby."