Rays' best friend: Astro a good luck charm

Rays' best friend: Astro a good luck charm

Rays' best friend: Astro a good luck charm
BOSTON -- You could say David Price is fond of Astro.

Astro is the left-hander's pet French bulldog. On Aug. 21, the Rays had a giveaway in which Price was dressed in action hero tights and paired with a depiction of Astro.

Since then, Price has made a custom of building a makeshift dog house on the top of the Rays' dugout in which he houses one of the Astro figurines.

Thursday night at Fenway Park, Price constructed the house from a paper cup and put Astro inside with some sunflower seeds so he wouldn't go hungry.

The Rays are 15-10 since the unveiling of the Price/Astro figurines, which prompted the question to Price regarding whether Astro brought luck to the team.

"I think he does; we've been playing pretty well since [the giveaway]," Price said.

Price maintained that putting the figurine on the dugout is a proper way to pay homage to his best friend.

"He's always watching," said Price with a smile.

Price allowed that he is now fair game for pot shots.

"Oh yeah, people talk trash all the time, but that's all right," Price said.

Price said the fans behind the dugout took matters into their own hands Thursday night.

"They smashed [Astro and his house] last night," Price said. "I told them that was bad karma."

Based on the 9-2 Rays win, Price might have been right. And note to any fans contemplating a repeat performance, Price has a limitless supply of the Astro figurines.