Farnsworth's elbow fine, ready for action

Farnsworth's elbow fine, ready for action

ARLINGTON -- Kyle Farnsworth has not appeared in a game since Aug. 23, which was partially due to a flare-up of tendinitis in his right elbow. But the team's situation in games has had more to do with his not pitching lately than his elbow.

The Rays' closer said he's fine.

"Yeah, I've been [fine] since it happened," Farnsworth said. "Nothing's changed, just haven't had a situation to get in there. [I] wanted to get in there [Tuesday], but [the Rangers] had a two-run lead. If we would have taken the lead, I would have been in there."

Farnsworth feels that the problem was just a little bump in the road for a long season and nothing more serious than that.

"Yeah, that's just how it goes," Farnsworth said.

Farnsworth leads the team in saves with 22 and he has not allowed a run in August, a span that includes nine appearances.