Damon gets start in left field vs. Brewers

Damon gets start in left field vs. Brewers

MILWAUKEE -- Despite playing in a National League ballpark where the designated hitter is not used, Johnny Damon still was in the Rays' leadoff spot Monday night and playing left field.

"Game-by-game situation," said manager Joe Maddon of his decision to use Damon in the field. "I talked to him the other day at home, told him what I was thinking about, and he said he was comfortable with it and actually liked the idea. We'll just run him out there tonight. After the game, check it out, see what it looks like going for tomorrow and so forth."

Maddon said Damon's defense will have to be up to par.

"Because we have to play our defense, that's a part of the equation, too," Maddon said. "On the other side, we have to score runs. That's been a part of our problem. So just look at it every day, see what we think, see how it's going, see how he feels. I honestly don't know which will weigh heavier for a decision tomorrow."

Maddon noted that should Damon not start, he would still be a weapon off the bench as a pinch-hitter, particularly since the Brewers do not have any left-handers in their bullpen.