Shoppach's flyout upheld by instant replay

Shoppach's flyout upheld by instant replay

Shoppach's flyout upheld by instant replay
ST. PETERSBURG -- Rays catcher Kelly Shoppach hit a towering fly ball that was caught by Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner in the bottom of the ninth that appeared to hit one of the catwalks at Tropicana Field in a 6-2 loss to New York. But umpires ruled otherwise.

After taking a look at the instant replay for four minutes and two seconds, Shoppach was called out.

"[The ball] missed the catwalk," crew chief Gary Darling said. "It didn't hit anything. That's why we left it in play."

However, the ball seemed to deflect off something as Gardner shifted his running direction to catch it.

"It's hard to see sometimes," Gardner said. "I'm 99 percent sure it didn't hit anything. I lost it for a split second and I think when I lost it, I kept going and I overran it by a little bit. I think just me overrunning it by a little bit threw everybody off for a split second.

If a ball hits the B-ring catwalk, it is still in play. If a ball makes contact with the C-ring catwalk, it is a home run.

Rays manager Joe Maddon immediately rushed onto the field to urge Darling to review the play.

"When I went out there to talk to Gary, he couldn't tell either," Maddon said. "I knew it was a tough call, so I just asked him to check it out, and he said he would."

The controversial play marked the first time umpires have used instant replay at Tropicana Field this season.