Maddon ejected after close call, tosses umps

Maddon ejected after close call, tosses umps

Maddon ejected after close call, tosses umps
CHICAGO -- Rays manager Joe Maddon was ejected from Sunday's 6-1 loss against the White Sox in the top of the sixth inning.

Dan Johnson had just grounded to first base, but White Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd appeared to bobble second baseman Gordon Beckham's throw. First-base umpire Doug Eddings signaled safe, thereby allowing Johnny Damon to score from third for the Rays' second run to make it 6-2.

But not so fast ...

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen ran onto the field and asked the umpires to confer on the play. The men in blue huddled momentarily and when their meeting broke up, the call was reversed. Johnson was ruled out for the third out of the inning.

Maddon had been awaiting the decision while standing outside of the visiting dugout. After the decision was made, he immediately got in front of second-base umpire Dana Demuth to begin a heated exchange. Finally, Demuth had heard enough. He signaled that Maddon had been ejected, much to the delight of White Sox fans.

Maddon continued with his tirade, counter-signaling Demuth by giving the signal that he was throwing out Demuth. The Rays manager then pointed at each of the umpires on the crew, signaling that he was ejecting each of them as well.

"I saw that Doug Eddings called bobble," Maddon said. "When you call bobble, the runner should be safe. The play was overturned from over 100 feet away, which I didn't like.

"And I also believe if they're going to overturn that call, we should go back to Mr. Galarraga and give him a perfect game. I think they're all pretty much an equivalent call."

Maddon was making reference to the incorrect call by umpire Jim Joyce at first base that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game last season.

Damon, who was on the Tigers last season when Galarraga got robbed by the bad call, agreed with Maddon's point about the call that went against Galarraga.

"Oh, absolutely," Damon said. "Having all that embarrassment for Jim Joyce. The whole thing with that is the first-base umpire had the best view. I don't know how anybody else could have seen it differently. I can understand if the first-base umpire got blocked out and then you go to someone else, but he's the one who said [Konerko] bobbled the ball. So all of those three umpires told him, 'You were wrong and this is the right call.'"

Guillen gave Maddon credit for his tirade.

"Awesome, I love it," Guillen said. "When you go out there, do it with passion and that's what he did. Protecting his players, he showed his players how much he cares about them, especially the way they are playing. This guy is one of the top managers in baseball. He knows what he's doing. I think this shows his players how much he's behind them."

For Maddon, the ejection was the 17th of his career with the Rays.

It should be remembered that Maddon and the Rays have a history with Demuth and his crew dating back to Aug. 24, 2008. In that game, which the White Sox won, 6-5, in 10 innings, Eddings called A.J. Pierzynski safe due to interference when he ran into Willy Aybar during a rundown play. Pierzynski ended up scoring the winning run.

"A lot of things happen in Chicago," Maddon said. "It goes back to the Roaring Twenties. And it's in present day, we just happen to be the culprits right now."

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