Jaso working on transfer problem

Jaso working on transfer problem

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- John Jaso has been having some troubles controlling opposing base runners, who have been running wild lately when he's been behind the plate. Rays manager Joe Maddon attributed Jaso's woes to mechanical problems.

"He's got to be better with the transfer [of getting the ball out of the glove into his throwing hand]," Maddon said. "He's just making a little mistake with that. It's correctable, not awful."

When asked about the critique, Jaso seemed to take Maddon's comments in stride.

"I think it was me trying to start my footwork before the ball got to me," Jaso said. "I think I know what it was. Just a mechanical thing."

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And, as with most stolen bases, there were other contributing factors to the thefts.

"They got good jumps and the pitches they threw were not conducive to throwing runners out," Jaso said.