Defense one constant for Rays in ALDS

Defense one constant for Rays in ALDS

ST. PETERSBURG -- Some nights the Rays look like the best hitting team in baseball, while other nights they look like they've never swung a bat.

In other words, offense is not something Joe Maddon can count on having on a daily basis. So what can the Rays manager depend on getting consistently from his team?

"I'd like to believe it's defense," Maddon said. "I'd like to believe that a part of our game that will be consistent every day is the defense. I'd like to believe our running game, too, but you have to get people on base.

"A lot of why we haven't been able to do anything [running] is because nobody has been on base, so you can't really do anything."

Maddon also pointed out that getting a lead makes it easier to be able to take chances on the bases.

"Getting ahead is really a big component in this series," Maddon said.