Maddon advocates balanced schedule

Maddon advocates balanced schedule

BOSTON -- When asked if this season's pennant race has been more challenging than 2008's, Rays manager Joe Maddon answered, "Yes." Then he explained why.

"I'm saying yes because of the [rise] of Toronto and now Baltimore," Maddon said. "This is definitely a reason to argue in favor of a more balanced schedule. We wouldn't have to see these teams as often."

Maddon rattled off the rest of the Rays' schedule this season, which includes more games against the Yankees, Blue Jays and Orioles, then noted: "That's a form of baseball masochism right there."

Maddon said he'd rather see a more balanced schedule.

"And it's not just about not playing the Red Sox as many times or the Yankees as many times," Maddon said. "It's about not playing anybody that amount of times."

To that end, Maddon wouldn't mind seeing Interleague Play go by the wayside.

"I'm not a big Interleague guy," Maddon said. "I would rather just play the American League and balance it out as well as you can. That's what I would prefer. I'm OK without seeing a National League team until the World Series or the All-Star Game."