Rodriguez returns after issue at condo

Rodriguez returns after issue at condo

NEW YORK -- Sean Rodriguez was back with the Rays on Saturday after enduring a personal calamity at his condominium in Redington Beach, Fla.

The problem stemmed from a flooding incident caused by the fire alarm sprinkler system going off. Rodriguez ended up missing the team flight and did not reach New York until just before the end of Friday night's game against the Yankees.

Prior to Saturday afternoon's game against the Yankees, Rodriguez explained what happened.

"I was getting dressed, maybe five minutes from getting out the door, and as I'm coming out of the closet, I closed my closet door," Rodriguez said. "The sprinkler just started to go off."

Rodriguez's clothes for the trip were lying on the bed ready to be put into his suitcase for the trip when the sprinkler system went off.

"So I started grabbing everything to get it out of the room," Rodriguez said. "I didn't know what else to do. Just trying to make sure that whatever was in the room that might get soaked, I got it out of there."

Eventually the fire department arrived, at which point Rodriguez had to defend what happened and any role he had in causing the malfunction.

"I didn't do anything," Rodriguez told the firemen. "I don't smoke, never smoked my whole life. I was ironing, but I was done."

Rodriguez said the insurance adjuster is scheduled to be at his condo at the first part of the week, and he's hopeful that will mean the carpet will be quickly replaced.